PRofessional racing sponsorship


Companies expect professionalism with their business partners. Show them you mean business with a professionally designed full-color document.


Varying pricing tiers to meet all budgets. Nobody should be left out in achieving their dreams.


No large attachments or slow load times. Our Resumes are "minified" for optimal sending via email.

UP to date statistics

Businesses want to see the numbers. We research and work with your racing series to get up to date statistics that sweeten the deal to marketing executives.

Choose the resume for your budget

After the tough year of 2020, we revised the pricing and options for our resumes to be inclusive for those in all financial situations. Here are our options:







Frequently asked questions

Easy! We work with you to get all of the information we can to make you look like a perfect “sponsorable” athlete. Once we get that info, we work our magic and kick the designs back to you for review. If you need changes or tweaks, we make them until it’s perfect.

No! You can keep your resume theme for as long as you feel its relevant. Many athletes want to update their most recent wins and their plans for the coming year, but we offer a lower price for simple updates like that.
If you do however, want a design refresh, then you’ll go through a new purchase. All up to you!

Due to the digital nature of our products and services, refunds are not given after work has begun. 50% deposits are required before work is begun. Once that is paid, we begin work immediately. If you wish for us to stop work and abandon the project, we will keep the deposit since we already have put in time and effort into your project. 

If less than 75% work is finished at request of project abandonment, we may allow you to keep your second payment. If more than 75% work has already been completed, you will be charged a prorated hourly rate from your second payment.

Apex is not currently open for sponsorship.

Questions? Ask Away