You need sponsors to race

But how do you get race sponsors? You might think you need to be the best racer there is and work years of racing in order to get sponsors, but that’s not true. Professional sponsors just want a racer that gets them results. How you show them that you’re the racer for the job is simple – a race resume. Whether you’re in a car, ATV, UTV, Bike, or other off road vehicle, a killer racing resume is the way to get to potential sponsors. And we have race resumes for you.

Don't just take our word for it-

If you want to set yourself apart from others you have to invest in yourself. Apex has given my resume that professional edge that I would have never been able to do myself. It has already paid for itself in big ways. I would never go back to doing it myself.

-Jack Zwiers

Amazingly creative and resourceful. If you are looking for a company to help advance your racing opportunities and social media presence.

-Zac Zakowski

Without the help of Apex I would have never been able to get a deal with mammoth coolers and multiple other companies.

-Adam McGill

How it works

With our customizable sponsorship proposals, leave the design work to us – you simply write in your name, include a list of your experience, some information about you, an example of how you’ll post about their company on socials, get others to shop with them, and how you can support each other as professional business partners. Whether you’re a race team, a single driver, you need total sponsorship, just one sponsor,

Choose from our collection of race resumes and pick the one that suits you the most

Fill out your info in our simple form – We give you everything you need to put the correct stuff in your resume

Review your resume to make sure everything looks alright and then move forward to pay & download you new badass race resume!

There's more to getting sponsors than throwing a resume their way.

The Motor Sports Sponsorship Guide

Go for the gold with the Sponsorship Guide

The Motor Sports Sponsorship Guide

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